Friday, May 01, 2009

Tulip, Happy, stuffed bell peppers, ....

Segueing on with a flower connection, isn't this tulip pretty? It's our fanciest one.


I was trying to get my old dog (Happy, age 10+) to learn a new trick (roll over) the other day. She's not to into tricks! She liked that I was paying attention to her ...

... but when it was clear I was making no sense, and getting worked up about it, she decided to politely ignore me 'til I could get myself under control.


Later, when I took the dogs out to their yard, I saw the first gold finches of the season! It took me awhile to figure out why there would be dandelions stuck to the top of the fence. Of course, you can't really see them, but I swear, they're there!

The brighter male is on the left. Can you see him?

Now we return to the kitchen. We somehow ended up with a plethora of bell peppers, if such a thing can be imagined, so I decided to stuff them.
Leeks, chopped and cleaned, fragrant, yum

Bulgar and dried porcini mushrooms from our dwindling California stash.

Appetizing, eh? ;P

I sauteed the leeks with broccoli and ... probably some other stuff, seasoning, garlic, whatever, added the bulgar mixture ...

... and stuffed it all into the beautiful bells.

One of the bells was too deformed to use its top, so I laid a bit of leek over it to keep it moist. I poured some water and apple cider vinegar into the bottom of the pan to keep it moist. That turned out to be a good combo, playing just a little acid off the sweetness of the bells.

Mm! Ready!

Oh yeah. Sunflower seeds (poor folks' protein!) in there, too. And "nooch" (nutritional yeast).

Hungry, now??

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