Friday, May 01, 2009

Nathan visited!

My buddy Nathan, whom I met when I was coloring comics back in the day, came by for a visit a few days ago. You can tell he isn't currently living in the Pacific Northwest, where the sun has just begun to shine on a regular basis (KNOCK WOOD!) He now basks in the desert sun of New Mexico, and has the color to show for it!

Hi, Nathan!

We talked, we walked around the place a little, and settled down by the pond, where we idly tossed dandelions onto its dark surface.

We weren't in any danger of decimating Wabi's stash ...

They're just so purty!

It was really nice to see him. We've known each other for ... well, more than 10 years, anyway, and been through a lot, but hadn't seen each other in a couple years. It was nice to be able to give him a real, in person, hug. I wonder if the neighbors will gossip! ;)

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