Friday, May 01, 2009

Out on the Town in Bellingham, WA

Dubbed "City of Subdued Excitement" (or something like that), Bellingham was obviously going to be rocking hard last night! When we got downtown for tai chi class, the next door music club was barricaded by several huge buses towing trailers, and all very ... um ... eye-catching.

This one was parked in front of Mindport, where the class is. Stefan (who works there, as well as co-teaching the tai chi class) said he had to look at this for his whole shift.

Okay, we all know I'm a troglodyte, but I have NO idea who these people are!

Tech N9ne Collabos Sickology 101 ... okay.

I don't think I'd like them very much, though. They are very serious about showing themselves as mean, angry, ugly! I've never figured out why that's supposed to be "cool". I know, I already said I'm a trog!

Okay, I looked them up, and -what a surprise! - they're a rap group, and their music is mean, etc.. So, I guess that's cool, and that's why there were people all lined up in front, one girl getting her jeans leg signed by someone. *rolling eyes* So unimpressed.

ANYway! After class, Stefan took us out to dinner as a thank-you for a poster I did for him (he's taking individual students). Stefan is a vegan, also, and he'd found a Vietnamese place that was obliging, so we went there. Yum!

While we waited for our appetizers, we amused ourselves as only grown-ups can. :)

But once the food started showing up, all hands were busy with chopsticks!

Sweet potato fries, with a sweet-spicy dipping sauce.

Crunchy-perfect green beans, fried tofu with sesame, chunks of eggplant, and some more sweet potato fries, with a different sauce. Finger-lickin' good!

Stefan got a soup which came with a plate of (thai?) basil, chilies and bean sprouts.

H got a chicken curry.

I got a noodle dish with tofu and veggies that just kept going, with layers I kept discovering. Spicy chili and soy sauce on the side (but not for long!) Tasty!!

When the bill came, Stefan made a camp show of being shocked -SHOCKED! I grabbed my camera and made him do it over.

Unfortunately, or amusingly, between the lower light and the digital delay, and S cracking himself up, it took several tries to get the winning photo!

What a goof! We always have a good time with Stefan. He's a sweet guy, with a lot of experiences and interests. Conversation never seems to lag when he's around.
We all got a kick out of the music being played, too. Twangy electric muzak-like versions of slowly identifiable songs from the Beatles, the Clash, and others I couldn't quite put my finger on.

By the time we got home, the dogs had gone completely mad, torn down the door to the pantry, and gorged themselves, so we all just went straight to bed.

Okay, not really, but they were pretty mad!


  1. See? There's only 2 entries after Nathan's visit. Love it all! Keep it coming, when you can. A lot of work, if I'm the only one following.

  2. I hope you're not the only one checking in, but, even if you are, it's kind of fun. Makes me look at things differently. Kind of like an illustrated journal, too. But, thanks for YOU following, anyway! :D


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