Friday, May 08, 2009

Barely Visible Wildlife

Let's go together on a cryptic walkabout to see (if we can!) nature doing its camo act.


On our right as we walk up the hill, you can just see a little rabbit crouching still amongst the berry vines.

See him?
Does this help? Look in the box.

Still can't see him? How 'bout this. Does this help??

NO?? Well, how about this, then?

Now look back at the first one and see if you can see him!

By now, you should be able to find the two bunnies in this one. Right?

Now that we're warmed up, how about we find the coyote? I'll make it easy for you. ;)

Well, you deserve a break. That was hard work. Here's an easy one. A new crop of heifers at their barn.

What? That wasn't easy enough?? Well, I don't want to hear any whining after this one!!

"Do you have food?"

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