Sunday, April 26, 2009

A week in the life

I'm going to take this in chunks, since there are several days' stuff to cover. Comfy? Let's get going!

Spring has definitely taken hold, here in the northwest. I spotted thise beautiful frilly daffodils in Fairhaven last Friday ... no, a week ago, Friday, I guess. Purty!

But even here at Chez Blackburn we have some flowering activity! The tulips are finally showing their colorful reason for being. This lonely little number is up at the end of the driveway.

This is our yummy plum tree. Try to imagine that nearly all of these flowers will turn into plums! Or so it seemed last year! Mmm!

These daffodils are well-established, since they were here when we moved in. Don't they look neat, with a slightly threatening sky but the sun sliding in sideways?

More tulips (and H's fabulous truck! ;^P)

Other signs of Spring
I was poking around over by the creek, and found this enormous broken egg. Duck? Goose? No nest, though. Maybe it was stolen by a predator and dropped here.

Dogs and Cats
The weather is mostly being pretty, but still a little cool and breezy. The dogs have been enjoying being outside, but still wearing coats some. This is H doing a little fence running with them, which is a lot easier than trying to run in the yard with them, unless you like a rousing game of tackle tag with a bunch of opponents that are a LOT faster than you! Even Wabi the gimp is faster than us!

Wabi and Happy, on the move in Blaine.

Wabi enjoyed most of this walk, but pooped out on the way back. I went ahead with the other three to get the car and pick her and H up. At least she got that far! :D

Throwing this in here 'cause it was on that walk. This is the Blaine train station and tracks.

FACinating, eh?

I said "and cats"! This is Row and Meepy, gearing up for some mayhem.
The wind-up:

The mayhem!


We've been grooming Meepy with a nubby glove thingy since he had a few vet visits for impacted poop (yes, you read that right!) a few months ago. He looooooves it, and begs for it every morning. Loudly! This time, it's H working the melty, gooey mess of blissed-out cat.

A classic joke in real life
We watched a coyote come pretty darn close to the barn,

{see the tiny dog-shape in the middle?}

... and H was disturbed about it's boldness in the face of him coming out and making noise at it. So, he came back in, got his bee bee gun, and went out after it. *sigh* Chased it off with a couple pops, and strode back, the proud hunter and protector.

Punchline: "I once shot a coyote in my pajamas."


Okay, well, I thought it was funny, anyway! :P

The times , they are a-changing
The economy has hit us, too. H has decided to move his manufacturing into our barn/shop for the time being to save the rent in town. A great move for many reasons, but the best (after the money-saving part) is that it meant re-organizing the barn! Between H's family stuff, Mom's stuff, Jess's stuff, and soon Peter's stuff, not to mention OUR stuff, all haphazardly shoved in over the 4 years we've been here, and the resident cats and their prey, and past equine inhabitants, it was pretty much a disaster area! Over the last week, we've been hacking away at it. H brought home a huge shelf from the shop, and we were able to put all his mom's stuff, most of J's stuff, our holiday stuff, the lawn mower/tractor and the rototiller all in one stall! After we took everything out, scraped it down to packed dirt, and put down a layer of pea gravel under the shelf for the furniture, that is.

After cleaning out the other stalls, too, we were able to put gardening stuff and bicycles in the middle stall, along with our camp gear, a pile of stuff for a garage sale and garbage cans. H put in a shelf later that now holds our own personal tools and hardware-type stuff, and we're going to put in another larger shelf for potting activities.

That left the rest of the space looking like this, as of yesterday afternoon:

Mom's stuff and more of J's stuff (and some more H's mom stuff) is up on top of the little room.

Between doing all that work, and starting a yoga workout on Friday, I'm SORE!! LOL!

I think that's plenty. No food stuff this time. Huh. Weird!


  1. So happy Spring has sprung for you guys! Good job on the garage/storage. Loved the mayhem between Meepy and Row!

  2. Wow, I enjoyed all of this so much! Beautiful flowers and commentary is so fun! I love seeing your life this way. You probably should either a) start a serious vegan food column or b) write a chezblackburn vegan cookbook with photos and commentary like you're doing here.

  3. Mom, I'm amazed you went through the long download time for that ginormous post!!
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)


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