Friday, May 08, 2009

Ice Cubes are crunchy!

Happy has learned some new likes since she joined us. Dandelions she was skeptical about, but now thinks well worth the fuzzy feeling in her mouth. Ice cubes after a warm walk are also fun, even if you have to concentrate very hard to crunch them with your tiny front teeth (since those are the only ones she has left that exist as a top/bottom matched set!) without letting them slip loose.
We had about a week of gloriously mild, sunny weather (a memory, now). We took the pups for a nice walk, they got pretty warm, and got a bowl of ice cubes to munch on afterwards. Brilly has NO interest, and looks a little worried about the whole party, but the other three were munching and slurping joyfully.

Trying hard not to lose the precarious hold on that ice cube ... concentrate ... gently now ...

Pogo happily panting between ice cubes.

A random picture of the tulips.

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