Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too many photos = multiple posts

I have fallen off, eh? And I have way too many photos for just one post, so I'm going to split them up a bit.

First off, mostly for Jess, a trip to Ferndale for groceries. Not sure what day this was ... Last week, anyway.
There was still some remains from our last snowfall, looking all moon-like, in the parking lot. Cool, huh?

What parking lot, you ask? Well ...

I thought I should try to get a pic of the Denny's side of the overpass, but I really do NOT recommend trying to take pictures while you're driving. This was the result of my efforts (luckily it wasn't a trip to the hospital! :P )

See the Denny's sign? LOL!

Well, this was a little better.

Gratuitous dogs sharing a sunbeam pic (where did that sun come from on that rainy day??)

Well, I might as well put in the blurry pic of Coco playing with sink water!

And this one just cracks me up. I had to lighten it up a lot, so it's pretty grainy, but it still cracks me up!

Okay, that seems to be it for that day. On to the next one (whatever day that is!)


  1. so many great pix! I love this last one of the dogs all entangled - who is where!?

  2. That's Wabi's face coming at you, and she's chest to belly with Brilly on the couch, so those are B's feet all in her face. Pretty funny, huh? The stuff they think is comfy ... :P


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