Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Next we have ... last Thursday? I think?

A trip to the library in B'ham. I actually hadn't been there before, so I had to sign up and everything. High tech, now! You can check out your books at a computer touch screen, nowadays, and no one stands there stamping the due dates in the front anymore. I was getting some audio books to listen to while I work. And a couple regular old paper books, too. I've read one and a half of the books, and not even opened the audio books, yet! What are you all reading these days?

Okay, here goes. The library. First, a cool art deco building next door.

The front (or back?) of the library (me feeling all shy, approaching slowly, checking out for signs that I'm doing it wrong ... )

Stalling a bit. That's a metal giraffe sculpture up there.

Whew! Okay, I got in, found my way through it, got my books and escaped for home!
Now, I'm not absolutely sure this is the same day, but this is supposed to show you hail the size of garden peas falling heavily on the deck.

And out my other window.

Now, this seems like a lot in one day (for me!), but maybe I then went back to town to join H for a walk with the dogs.
Sunset from the Arizona foot bridge.

Looking east.

Looking closer... closer ... close to my very heart!

Home again, home again, jiggity jog. Silly cat!

Okay, that's it for maybe-Thursday. On to last Friday!

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