Sunday, March 01, 2009

Slowed by the snow

Snow is still clinging, here, but just ornamentally, not in any sense of an obstacle to normal life. Which means, MUD! I meant to take some pictures in Fairhaven when we went for our walk with the dogs after tai chi, but I had my hands full of leashes, and our friend S came with us, so I forgot. Then I meant to take pictures of our dinner out, but my hands were full of chopsticks, and I was hungry, so I forgot! For the record, I had an order of vegetable rolls (like sushi, with cuke, avocado, rice and nori) and a side of veggies. Last time, I had a bowl of noodle soup. The waitress remembered us. Could it be because I made such a thing about being vegan, and she was sort of clueless? Very nice, but not quite up on the whole definition.

I did take one picture outside the restaurant (it's one of the new ones on Bakerview, next to the IHOP; strip mall stuff, but tasty). The crescent moon was within inches (galactically speaking) of Jupiter. It was much clearer than this:

But, I still have a bunch of snow pics, so ...
At the end of snow day, this is what it looked like.

I brightened this one up so you could see, but it was much darker than this.

This is what the dogs thought of it that evening, after mostly being cooped up all day.
Happy: "Uh...Can we go in, now?"

Wabi: "SNOW! *wuff* Brilly!! GO! *yip*"

"Go go gogogogogogo!!"

Brilly is trying to "shake it off" (if everyone does it, it means something like "reset", "let's stop what we were just doing and let the energy back down a bit"), because he doesn't like being pushed around.

Wabi is still trying to push him into a run. Happy has decided maybe a good romp is a good idea. Pogo thinks romping with his lure pole ("Over here!") is the correct move.

The snow continued well into the night. I tried to get some artsy pics of it ... from inside the warm house!

Bonus points if you can figure out what these two are! :)

Morning came at last, and the world was draped in a lumpy down coverlet. A frozen down coverlet!

Wabi!! *wub*

Happy: "Let's get this over with!!"

Kitty tracks in the snow.

Brilly sniffed the snowy bush.

I really like this one!

The morning sun coming under the clouds, lighting up the snowy landscape.

Later, in the afternoon.

Neat shadow.

One of the many frozen ponds.

So, that's enough. If I actually leave the property, I'll take more pictures! :P

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