Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's snowing!

Okay, it's still February, but the mud had almost hardened, there are bulbs starting to push little parrot beaks up, robins, starlings and red-wing blackbirds are flocking around, bare branches are starting to show red or yellowy green intentions to live again ... I was fooled! It's been snowing all day. There is going on four inches of snow on the deck, and no sign of stopping. BRR! H just decided he better bail on out of the office, make a surgical strike on the store, and get home while he still can.

Meanwhile. Yesterday was rainy, with these rare patches of sun breaking through. I love the light when this happens at sunset, with the warm light pouring in under storm clouds.

Later that evening, relaxing after a nice thai curry,

Brilly lost all tongue control (look close on the far side of his mouth).

This morning, it rained ... and then started to snow!

The dogs were no more favorably impressed than I was.

...and snow ...

and snow...

Ah well. It won't stick for long, probably, and it is pretty. As long as everyone is safe!!


  1. So just how long did you make poor Brilly, and goodness knows who else, stand out in the snow? I guess the cold makes the poop gathering easier :)

  2. That was just the boys, and they were out there for about 20 minutes. I asked them if they wanted to come in, and they didn't, so .... They had changed their minds when I came back out, though! ;)
    Wabi likes to run around in the snow, though. We just came in from a little run around with all four in the yard.


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