Friday, March 20, 2009

Forgot to say!

Oh yeah! And, we had dinner with Bippy and Lenny on Wednesday. That was really fun. They're so casual and easy to be with. We played with their adorable polydactyl cats, Desi and Lucy, had a nice soup with "soy knots". Bippy is so funny! She said, "You might not want to eat those! I don't know what they are! They might be really awful!" They weren't, by the way. :) Lenny very deliberately went through the design and development of a boffo cat toy, involving a precise number of helium balloons (anyone that keeps a tank of helium just to make cat toys is also A-OK with me!), with various toys and object tied to them by a string. The final toy had a strip of foam plastic in the middle of the string, and a little toy mouse on the bottom. That and the lazer pointer were big hits. Lenny even serenaded us on the piano. We even came up with an idea for a painting: a cat or cats from below, as if the cat is sitting on glass above the viewer. I used to have a glass cieling in the bathroom of the A-frame I lived in for awhile, and the kitties would come sit on it while I was in the bathroom. It was one of my favorite views!

Bippy then came to our new tai chi class last night, which was fun, too. She had gotten all into the idea of the painting, and how to construct a plexi table or something for the cats to pose on! I think, if we do it, the painting should be mounted on the cieling, for proper viewing!

No pictures of any of that, but it just needed to be said! LOL!

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