Friday, March 20, 2009

About a week crammedintogether

I was pretty sick earlier in the week, but a rousing course of home remedies all mish-mashed together, seems to have gotten me not only better, but better than better! I feel quite flushed with health! I literally haven't felt this good in maybe years! Whoo hoo!! :D

But, let's move on to a more interesting topic than my health miracles! ;) The Weather!! LOL!

There has been a general shift towards less freezing, more raining, soggy muddy frog-singing weather lately. I'm going to take it as a hopeful sign! What the heck, right? Why not!?

You can see the trend in this series of pictures.
Here's a mysterious picture! Can you tell what this is, and how it came to be this way? Took me a moment!

Pogo and Wabi, sussing out the day, and not too impressed (note the frost in the ground).

Brilly and Wabi, vying for a slice of sunshine, or cuddling, whichever way you want to see this!

Tiny Coco, taking advantage of Pogo not being inside to curl up in the living room for a change.

Wabi is so pretzelly sometimes! Gotta keep that funny snoot warm!

H having a moment with Happy and Pogo.

The farm at the top of the "ladies'" hill. I love those old trees. A break in the clouds is worth taking a picture of, at this point, so enjoy that slice of sky and vista, there!

Fast forward a few days. The next door neighbor recently got some chickens, ducks and geese. Two of the geese were apparently accustomed to full privelages at a golf course, including going into the club house. They like people. I'm home all the time. The neighbor is not. See where this is going? They like to visit. The other day, the muscoveys brought the rest of the flock with them to show them around. They all wandered around, noodling around in the grass and puddles, exploring. In this lousy picture, you can see the flock on the left, and the muddy pond they're supposed to be in on the right, in the far background!

Y'all know me. I'm pro-critter, so I kind of enjoy the visits. Except for the mess. And the potential damage to future gardening efforts (when the weather allows, that is!) So, we've asked C (the neighbor) to see about fencing, which he is working towards (when the weather allows, that is!) Meanwhile, they all came right up to the house for a closer look.

You can't see him, but the leader is a Canada goose with a broken wing. His mate and the rest follow him everywhere. Well, except the muscoveys, who come over here most days.

This is what Coco thinks of having laptops on the kitchen table, hogging up the sun spots.

That's FatBoy Row on the rug by the door. He's such a blimp!

Okay, now we're getting to the fun stuff! Yesterday, I went to check out a boarding kennel in Blaine, on the east side of the freeway. I had only very coincidentally seen her ad in the phone book when I was looking for something else (a doctor, I think!), called her, and made an appointment to come out to look around, bringing the dogs with me. What a neat person! Anyone who duct-tapes their entire bathroom, in multiple flourescent colors, even creating toothbrush holders and soap dishes, with confetti-like stippling in a few places just for fun, is A-OK by me! Yes, there was a leak, which was un-fixed by the weirdo plumber who came to fix it (shut the door and stayed in there for an hour and a half, then came out announcing that he had figured it all out. She needed to have him move in with her, so he could take care of stuff like this for her. EWWWW! What was he doing in there all that time?? She showed him the door, of course!) That's just one story! We talked and talked, totally hit it off, hung out with the dogs, who liked her, and just generally had a nice time. I even offered that if she needed to get off the property and needed coverage, she could call me, and we decided to get together for a walk in her favorite area, as soon as it stops raining! A friend?? I hope so. We'll see. :)

Next time, I'll ask her if I can take a picture of the bathroom!

Her two dogs were very happy when we finally let them out to say hi. I was instantly covered in mud and loooooove! And shown some really good sticks! LOL! These are Spot and .... uh ... Mia? Misa? I forget. Something with an M.

So, that pretty much gets us up to date!
Let me have those comments, so I know you're there! :D

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