Monday, February 23, 2009

Small World!

This is so weird! H and I walked the dogs (out on the Railroad Trail, pics below), then went to TJ's. We parked, and there's this SUV, with the driver staring at me, stopped right by us. What the ....? Slowly, it dawned on me she looked familiar, and (luckily) my brain coughed up ...
BIPPY!! Bippy and Lenny live in B'ham! No way! NO way! Amazing! We chatted and chatted, caught up in a general way (B's mom, Grace, passed away about a year and a half ago, we were sad to learn; she had been in our tai chi class, and, as an artist, had also been in that circle). They're both selling real estate, here, and doing quite well at it, despite the market. I hope we can spend some real time with them, now we know we're all here! Bippy let me use her studio to give a workshop, once. They were so nice to me. L is teaching some piano, but B is not doing much art, these days.
We worked our way into the store, and I got them to smile for the blog. Say Hi, Bippy! No, smile! (She was telling me something more UNhappy when I whipped out the phone, so this is the smile she manufactured.)

Now you, Lenny!

But, going backwards, these are a couple pics from our walk. We met a woman with a greyhound, but I didn't get a picture of her, the old dog, and her young daughter (who was busily trying to figure out a tricycle thingy).
H, Brilly and Wabi by the old trestle.

Walking along. We had lost Wabi's booties for quite awhile, until I ordered new ones. As soon as they arrived, H found the old ones in the garage in the recycling! ??? So, W was a little out of shape for this walk, but made it, and slept like the dead all the way home.


  1. who the heck are Bippy and Lenny? From Gualala?

  2. That's them, up there! :D
    They're a couple who lived in Gualala for ... not sure how long, had two boys, moved to Canada, then back down here just last year. Nice people.


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