Friday, May 06, 2011

Portrait Marathon: Grover, DONE

Grover's portrait is finished!  At least, so I say this afternoon.  I sometimes (okay, usually) tweak just a bit here, or an area there the next morning, but it's basically done.  I'm calling it.

Since we were here last, I broke out the afore-mentioned leeeetle brushes to do some detail work, laying in the shadows alongside particular hairs, then each hair's highlight.  Okay, not everywhere, every hair!  The tightest focus I reserved fro around the eyes, then picked out a bit here and there, with the overall effect being realistic without being fussy or photographic.  Darker darks have gone in, and lightest lights.  Note the eyes, now brought into light-filled and shadowed liquid shape.  The brindle stripes have evolved from somewhat crude splotchy areas to more distinct hair patterns.  The mood I'm hoping for here is intimate and quiet.  His eyes meeting yours with relaxed trust and affection.  I hope I've achieved my goal, and that Tena can enjoy this portrait for a long time to come.


Next up is Chris's Dorie, a delightfully spotty greyhound.  But first, I gotta clean my poor sticky brushes!

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