Sunday, May 08, 2011

Portrait Marathon: Grover, DONE some MORE!

I spoke too soon, again!  Grover's blue universe was bugging me.  It was a little too monochromatic.  Also, the shadows on his shoulder looked like a net or weird markings, though they were fairly faithful to the photo.  So, I worked over the stuffie to help Grover's handsome face stand out better, and toned down his body a bit ... then back up a bit.  I also threw in some nearly invisible, but helpful, tones into the background to make the colors more interestingly complex.  When I showed it to H, he asked what more I'd done to Grover's face to make it jump out more, but that's the one area I hadn't touched!  So, I guess my plan worked.  :)

I have an idea for a painting that I think I might slap together today.  The weather's too funky to garden, and painting's more fun than housework, so I think I'll do a little experiment.  I also have to get my visual aid ready for my workshop next weekend.  Who's coming?  RSVP asap!  :D

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