Friday, April 15, 2011

Portrait Marathon: MikiToo is DONE

MikiToo is ready to view!

Let me catch you up on how I got to the finish line with Miki.

You saw the underpainting pretty well underway in the last post.  I did deepen the shadows in various places, refined the eyes a bit, and the nose.  I went about as dark as I could right around the lightest areas of his face, to really get maximum mileage out of the high contrast there.

Then I started washing in some color.  I didn't get any progress pics of that because once I get going, it's hard to stop!  One challenge in this painting is to get the mixture of influences right to get his subtle blue-brindle coloring warmed by some reflected light coming into the shadow areas.  So, cool shadow area, warm reflected light, almost neutral almond-like fur color.  Many layers went into it to get that total effect.  I hope!  I fussed a lot with the edges of the shadow/highlight areas.

I hear my pizza calling to me, so I'll let you all get on with YOUR Friday night plans.

Oops!  I just realized I haven't notified Nancy that her Lottie is up next!  Better do that now.  Stay tuned!  We're only on #5 of 10 (or maybe 17 ... we'll see!)

Have a great evening!

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