Thursday, April 14, 2011

Portrait Marathon: MikiToo = DRAMA!!

Oh my ggoooooodness!  This guy, despite being still a goofy youngster, all spider-thin legs and wispy waist, got caught in a moment of grown-up old-school gorgeous!  How could I resist this photo??  Well, I could not.

I started this one with a deep Payne's gray underpainting, knowing that I want to have those dramatic shadows well in hand, and DARK, before washing in the warm reflected light areas.  Oh man.  He's so handsome, isn't he?

Here's where we're at tonight.  I LOVE this stage!  So much of the work is done here, establishing the shading.  It's like the skeleton of the painting.  If the bones are good, the painting will work.  If I mess up at this stage, it's really hard to fix later.

Luckily, my comic book coloring experience is coming in really handy here!  The dramatic lighting was basic bread and butter fare for the likes of Batman and The Fantastic Four, et al!  Oh, I could write about those years!  Heh heh!  An average 12 scenes to a page, painted and/or colored with markers.  Yes, that was before all-computer coloring, as it's done now.  I know.  I'm old.  Imagine; that was in the '90s, and it's already ancient history!  Last century!!  Notice how almost every sentence ends with an exclamation point?  I'm re-living my comic book days, for sure!  BANG!  POW!  KRRRR--AAACCCKK!!!!


Anyhow, back to it in living color in the morning.  Hasta manana, babies!  (How do you get the n with the tilda over it?)

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