Monday, January 31, 2011

New Stroke of Green Cards

Valentine's Day is coming!
But this makes a nice "I love you" card any day of the year.
I've been keeping busy lately.  I've just sent off three new card designs to the printer.

 I can't wait to get them here!  I've already got my website changes made and poised to upload.

"Thinking of you..."
or is it "Missing you!"

I decided to do a sort of wood-cut look for these designs.  I'm very attracted to block-printing and letterpress artwork.  I've yet to master my lino-cut tools, but I thought I'd give it a shot using my graphics programs, and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I've been percolating with new ideas for cards for weeks.  I'll be releasing them as printing funds grow from sales.

Say "Congrats" with a hound-dog flair!

I've been invited to bid on a logo for a silken windhound club, too.  Even if I don't get the job, I'm excited to begin including these pretty little sighthounds in my portfolio.  (Look for some popping up in up-coming cards!)

I have a portrait that I've been sitting on for way too long (after a disastrous experiment gone bad), so that's coming back onto the board.  I'll post about that when it's further along.

I've also been approached to update a logo for a greyhound adoption group.  I do that kind of work whenever I can ... which you can tell by glancing at my logo gallery!

One of my Facebook friends got a craft exchange thing going, which I signed up for, making me responsible for creating 7 (or was it 8?) hand-made items for as many people.  I spent some of my drowsiest winter doldrums browsing the web for crafts to make out of stuff I might already have on hand.  That kind of jump-started my creativity, which was oh-so-needed!  Oddly, all but a couple of my exchangees have bailed out on the project, so I have more ideas than recipients.  That's alright.  I'll save them for christmas presents.

If I could just hibernate between, say, Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, that would be fine with me.  I just can't find anyone who'll hook me up to the right machines so I wake up looking like a well-rested athlete.  So, I soldier groggily on.   I feel stupid complaining about our Pacific northwest winters when I read about friends who are buried in ice storms and snow banks, or are battening down the hatches for the next hurricane, but we're in Year Seven at this location, and like it or not, it's clear the winters slow me down to a crawl, mentally and physically.

Ah well.  When we can move to Hawaii (or some other mild climate, preferably with health care and no quarantine for the pets - ideas?), we're outta here!  In the mean time, perhaps you'll join me in a rousing sun-dance!

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