Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bella's Portrait Update

I will sleep on it, but I think ... I'm feeling pretty well finished with Bella's portrait.

I was really enjoying building and building up the layers of watermelon and ultramarine blue and lemony yellow, balancing towards one or the other in different areas.  When I went back in with some tinted white glazes, everything really popped into 3-D for me.  I hope it shows in the scan.  (I'm actually waiting for it to dry right now, and will insert the scan when it is ready.)

Black dogs are their own kind of fun to paint, since, like white, black reflects every color.  You can really play with that, as I have here.  You'd think that a hot pink and purple dog would look like a circus clown's best friend, but she still reads as a black dog.  Don't you think?

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