Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Portrait Marathon update: Morgan progress

*Pant!  Pant!*  These marathons!  Obviously, I'm slowing down, eh?  :P

None the less, Morgan is up, and she's LOVELY.  Her owner says she's super alert, "always on patrol".  Lookit those ears!  I guess so, huh?

So, you can see I have a pretty active jaggy line in the background.  Hopefully, the background will accent her busy alertness.  Meanwhile, you can see I've got most of the darks pretty well defined. Morgan's muzzle is very deeply dark and velvety, and her eyes are also surrounded by expressively arranged blacks.  You can just imagine how she can twitch those dark eyebrows to mean any number of things!

Carrie has her own Very Popular blog.  While you're waiting for my next installment, you can see what Morgan's life and family are up to.

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