Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Portrait Marathon: Morgan Progress 2

Colorful, eh?

So, the background is filling in, and there's some color going in on Morgan herself.  I sort of forgot her ears in the darks-phase, duh, so that's going in here, too.  I'm surprised how hard it is to see here, but there's a lot of blue in her muzzle and around her eyes.  I guess that's good, that it already blends in the way it should.

{Interrupted here by a call from my sister, shopping in a Los Angeles Target.  While we were talking, a knock-down, drag-out fight between a man and woman erupted nearby!  How awful.  I could hear the yelling, and things slamming.  Security showed up in less than a minute, but ... *shudder*   We were both shook up.}

This is the original reference photo.  Nice, huh?  I will want to bump up the light and shadows, bring out the honey-gold tones that are lost in the cool shade we see here.

So, back to it!

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