Saturday, December 04, 2010

Portrait Marathon: Tiger is DONE

Tiger is all done!

Thing P did get back today (see my last post to make sense of that), thank goodness!  It and I went back and forth, lighter and darker, cooler and warmer, working nearly entirely on the stripes for several hours (whew!!)  The colors in real life are more complicated and intense than you're seeing here.  Hm.

Let me show you a detail, so you can see what I mean.

You can see a little better here how there are blues, golden-browns, and dark-dark (payne's gray+burnt umber+/ultramarine blue) all working in the stripes.  The overall effect is a much richer, more realistic feel, of depth and actual hairs, than if I'd just picked one dark color and stroked it all over.

You can also see the reflection I was working on in the pupil, with what looks like a tree-line and some sky.

Tiger's smiley face has cheered me up through a few gloomy days here in the Pacific Northwest.  Thanks, Tiger!  I'll be sorry to see you go!

Next up is Christine's Hamilton, a handsome guy I know you'll agree.  See you in the next installment!


  1. You captured Tiger perfectly, Xan. Hope (his tiny sister) says "good job!"

  2. Thanks, Cathie! Coming from you, who knows him so well, makes me feel very good. :)

    Tiny Wabi wags to tiny Hope!

  3. I've seen it in person and the image above doesn't do it justice.

  4. Wow..... your work is stunning!! So glad to see the detail.

  5. Beautiful, I bet the original is out of this world stunning!

  6. Thanks, Sara and Nancy.

    I have yet to hear from Jennifer, Tiger's owner. She's probably out enjoying her Saturday night. The nerve! heh heh!

  7. I love all the details in this one, especially the stripes and those gorgeous eyes!

  8. ACK! I posted a comment last night from work, I guess it didn't work. Xan I absolutely LOVE it! Its just stunning and I know the perfect place to hang it too!!! I'm looking at it again from a real screen at home versus my cell. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!

  9. Ah! That's great, Jenn! I'm thrilled you're happy with it. :D
    I'm going to miss his happy smile, though. None the less, I promise I'll send it out to you. Real soon. Yeah. Real soon. ;)

  10. Another masterpiece from my truly gifted big sissie!


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