Wednesday, November 24, 2010

portrait Marathon update: Tuck DONE

Tuck is done!

Between the last installment and now, more detail.  Detail, detail, detail!  Smaller and smaller brushes, very few larger area washes.

I guess I could talk and talk about every brush stroke, but T-day dinner is at our house tomorrow, and I need to get into the kitchen now!  Lori, Thanks so much for the opportunity to commune with Tuck.  I'm very sure this is as close to his face as I'll ever get, since he's such a discriminating guy, so I enjoyed every moment of gazing into his eyes, and stroking his soft ears.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Beautiful, Xan, just beautiful!

    Enjoy your thanksgiving & tofurkey (?? sp?)


  2. Thanks, Christine! :)
    I've got a stuffed seitan roll filled and surrounded with stuffing ready for the oven, an apple pie ready to assemble and bake. H did the vacuuming, so we're set! The rest will come together tomorrow.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is full of joy and love!

  3. X, I think Tuck is my favorite so far! He looks so approachable, and vulnerable...real-er that some of the other, if that makes sense. You are a wonder! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Oh, he looks adorable! I love that expression on his face!

  5. Tuck is prickly with people he doesn't know, so this look you see is the look of love he reserves for his Lori. Isn't that sweet?

    Real-er? Hm! I wonder why. More smaller brushstrokes, I think. I broke out the teensy brushes for Tuck's little dark hairs mixed in with the lighter ones, to get the right effect, rather than just a blended tone.

  6. Just as sweet as can be! As the image unfolded, I was just taken in with delight! Lori is a lucky mom!
    your mom


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