Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stroke of Green update!

When I decided to create Stroke of Green, I was in a huge rush to get a website up within days.  I did, wonder of wonders, but knew I would want to go back and spruce it up as soon as I had time.

I made time as soon as I got back from Greyhounds Reach the Beach (in Dewey Beach, DE).  Okay, that was two weeks ago, but it took me about a week to recover, and the other week to re-work the website.  Go take a look, and tell me what you think!  Nothing is carved in stone.  Nice thing about this stuff; I can change it any time I want!

I've been asking everyone for feedback, on the cards, on ideas for new cards, on the website or the experience shopping with me.  Everyone's been very helpful!  It's amazing how much info you can get if you just ask!  (Me, why, I hardly ever even wait to be asked!  ;P )

If you have some ideas for cards you'd like to see, either card-worthy events, or actual images you have in mind, please let me know.  Email me

While I got lots of input on next year's holiday cards, I think I'll keep most of those under wraps for now.  I've also been encouraged in my idea (okay, I think this might have been my husband's idea) to do assortment packs with different collections.  Each pack would have, say, two of each card.  For instance, non-holiday occasions like sympathy, birthday, gotcha-day (to celebrate the day a pet joins the family), and congratulations.  Non-Christmas-time holidays would make another assortment, including Valentine's, Mother's and Father's Day.  Another collection might be non-occasion note cards. 

What do you think of those ideas?  Do you have some others?

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