Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bring me ... a HOLE PUNCH!

Yeah, so, if you're coming to Dewey, first of all, make sure you come see me/us.  Second of all, come on Monday and bring a hole punch.  Tuesday at the latest!  :D

Oh, well.  I guess I should probably plan on finding one between here and there for my self, huh?  Fine.  I have to do everything around here!  LOL

Yesterday, I spent folding cards, counting them, pairing them with the right number of envelopes, carefully stuffing them in boxes, finding I didn't have enough envelopes, frantically ordering more to be sent to Dewey to meet me there, finding that the bags I had to re-order (twice!) because I ordered the wrong size, were coming to my home, not to Dewey, and getting that sorted out (re-shipping is really taking a bite out of my profit margin!  :P ), and telling myself that I'm still in ramp-up learning mode!  Then getting back to printing business cards and bag labels (running the print utitility to fix glitchy prints, replacing ink, powering it on and off because it seemed not to accept the ink cartridges - then realizing it was just telling me to replace them all, not just one!), cutting the labels and cards, and stuff like that.

Caution!  Work Zone!

H found his copy of QuickBooks to help me keep track of orders and inventory, which is great, but it won't work on my Mac, so he loaded it on his old Windows laptop with the broken hinge for me.  My business takes TWO computers already!  LOL

I dreamed this morning that someone answered my question that yes, I DO tend to "go on a bit".  Heh.  Okay, I'll go.  It's feeding time for everyone anyway. 

See you in Dewey, I hope!

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