Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wrapping up the marathon? Maybe?

I finished the portrait of RedFawnMom's Lucy on Friday, and I think that might wrap up this marathon. Maybe. Big stuff a-foot. Maybe. More on that in a minute.

Meanwhile, here's Lucy:

As usual, the jpg doesn't capture much subtlety. The green background came out especially luminous, which made me happy. I was going for a light-through-leafy-hedge sort of feel, in a non-representational sort of way, which worked nicely. Lucy's dense, champagne colored fur and gentle gaze made her a pleasant companion for the last week or so. I hope her mom will be pleased for a long time to come.

Now, as to big things a-foot.

For one thing, it's about this time of year that I begin to think about this year's crop of holiday cards, believe it or not. That August print deadline rushes up pretty fast, what with everything else that has to happen in the mean time.

For another, I wandered into a gallery in Fairhaven (Olivia Cornwell: Excellent Works of Art & Craft - website in development) where the owner and I fell into comfortable conversation, then an exchange of business cards, which led to her interest in me as an artist. Long story short(er), we've come up with a bunch of directions we might work together on, from a logo for a charitable effort she's working on, through some book illustration, to a few concepts for series of paintings for possible representation in her gallery. She's quite the powerhouse, formerly of Little Rock, Arkansas, which is apparently quite the collectors' mecca (who knew?) She's just begun her gallery here, and is feeling her way into the market, but if anyone can make a go of it, I think Olivia can.

Plus, she's a dog person, so, you know, that's good right there, right? ;)

My mind is spinning with concepts and ideas for paintings now. They're still in gestation, but I spent yesterday afternoon out taking pictures for reference, and then more conversation with Olivia that may have taken me in a slightly different direction with the ideas I'd been cooking already.

For me to enter the gallery world is ... flabbergasting. Now, I'm not there yet. But just to be thinking in the direction of non-commissioned work is still pretty new, and, yes, scary. But sort of thrilling, too. H is supportive, as always. *picture me going all mushbally here*

So, wish me luck as I venture out on that teetery tightrope!

Oh, and this is weird, but I simply can't seem to reply to your comments in the comment field. Probably a browser issue. >:~{ But, I read and appreciate them! Thanks for taking the time to make a comment and let me know what you're thinking. Maybe I should just use a different browser for this, eh?

Happy Spring!


  1. I've admired your artwork for a long time! I'd definitely love to see you in a gallery!

  2. Thanks again, houndstooth! That's very nice of you to say! I hope that kind of feeling is all over, and willing to follow me into the actual gallery! LOL!


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