Saturday, April 11, 2009

Poker and Easter

Poker and Easter? What do these two things have in common, besides some letters? They're both going in this very blog episode! Along with tai chi and a visit with Grandson Finnigan. Fasten your seatbelts!

The neighbors have gotten together a monthly poker night, which they've invited us to. Neither of us is what you'd call card sharks, which they must have somehow known, right? Anyway, we went for the first time last Wednesday. It was a very congenial group! I only have one picture, but maybe more next time. There was lovely food first, animated conversation, I got a house tour (last time I'd been all through that house it was just framed in, and I had Brilly with me!) The neighbors across the street hosted this time (they rotate). The nice big new house we like to use as a landmark for new visitors. As in, "Ours is across the street from the nice house!"

In the picture you can see that, instead of cards, I've got a bowl of pretzels. That's called "know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em!" You may also notice a cheat sheet under the bowl. I have no idea what's what in poker!
Notice the fancy poker table topper?? They have this metal suitcase for the chips, too. Very serious, this bunch! $5 is the table limit. Rich, but considering it comes with dinner, do-able!
H is on my left, then Sonny looking serious talking to him. Next is S's wife Amy, who is a therapist. Brady is smiling, as usual (probably has no idea what's going on, he's so sleep deprived with a new baby!) You can just see Linda's hand gesturing on the far right, and her husband Don's hands shuffling between us. They were the hosts, and very nice, gracious and relaxed hosts they are.

Finn was on Spring Break last week, so we got to spend Thursday with him. H had him at work in the morning, then they came home because Finn wanted to play OttoMatic on my computer. That was fun! This pic is him telling us all about a movie on the way back to his home.

Thursday night is beginning tai chi class night. It's upstairs at a cool sort of private interactive museum called Mindport, like the Exploratorium in San Francisco, but smaller. This is a blurry view through the mezzanine window into the main space. I was trying for the cool light and shadow from the plant at the far end, but my camera phone just wasn't up to it. Still thought I'd throw this in here.

Stefan is demonstrating a move here that I am to translate into a drawing for a poster for him. He's going to start taking one-on-one students.

Saturday, Vanessa, Greg, Finn and Henry came over to have brunch and decorate Easter eggs, as is our tradition. Finn came fully loaded with 9 year old guy energy, an armload of little stuffed creatures, and smiles! The fuzziness here actually gives a better idea of the energy involved!

New ways to enjoy exercise balls!

Henry is going for a choo-choo ride! Chooo chooo! "On your left you'll see the recycling area..."


Choo choo! Get off the tracks, lady!

"Okay, Finn, ready? FREEZE!"

That lasted about 1.4 seconds! LOL!

Meanwhile, muffins have come out of the oven, "sausage" has been fried, fruit salad has been dressed with orange and ginger, but all eyes are on the oven. How's it looking, Chef H?

Fabulous! German pancake, folks. Please hold your applause for the end of the performance.

The family tucks in.

Finn contemplates the speed at which a plate becomes empty.

H giving himself a round of applause? ;)

The muffins and salad were yummy, if I do say so myself! ;)

On to the real reason we're all here! Easter eggs! They've been boiled and cooled, the colors have been dissolved, alternate decorating ideas have been offered (food coloring just touched with vinegar for more intense painting with brushes; rubber bands for cool dimensional resists). I swear, I've got to do something about these tremors, huh?

That's better. Finn gets all into the details.

The egg gallery grows ...

Vanessa expounds on the finer points.

Why this was all able to happen with relative focus. ;)

The cats were also in lock-down in the bedroom.

Now for some more relaxed play time. Henry, whatcha doin'?

Hey, games on Greg's iPhone. H sure looks excited, huh?

Let's go for a bit of a stroll, how 'bout?

That Henry is one smilin' boy! Wonder what Finn was seeing over there?

Ah, this is where he gets that smiling thing! :D

Time to say bye bye! Awww!

Brilly is especially good with babies. Henry was grabbing B's throat skin before I stopped it, and B just acted like nothing was happening at all. (Then I needed to have my heart restarted.)

Old fogies and hound dogs relaxing after all the fun and cleanup (well, it's relative! You should have seen it before!) Doesn't Meepy look HUGE? He looks like a tame albino mountain lion or something!

I just like this one of Pogo.

Okay. Go do something else now. Well, after you leave a comment. You've spent quite enough time at your computer, I'm sure! :D

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  1. Looks like fantastic fun, family, and food! Wish I was there :) Always a pleasure to peak into your lives - keep it comin'!


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