Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kitchen stuff

I do like my food! :)
Last night, I got in the mood for some lasagne. With what I had on hand, that meant sunflower-tofu "cheese", roasted veggies, pasta sauce, and a spicy, creamy, herby white sauce. Except for the sunflower seeds, fairly low-fat, and even WITH them, pretty high in fiber!

Veggies, seasoned, lightly olive oiled, and ready for the roastin'.

Sunflower "cheese". OMG. This stuff was incredibly good! Rich, thick, with a little bit of crunch, and this particular almost halvah like flavor from the sunflower seeds. YUMMY!!

Meanwhile, H came home from CostCo with a box of food. Of course, Meepy had to check out the box!

Isn't this lovely?? This is the lasagne coming together, with ingredients all mis en place.

Mmmm. Roasted garlic! I just plopped the pieces in whole for some intense moments. SO good!

Ready for the oven.

Oh lordy! Look at the mess!! :P

Sadly for you ;) I forgot to take any pictures when it came out. It looked and smelled SO good, we just ate it! Okay, not the whole thing, but there are no plated pics. Sorry! Maybe I'll post one of a leftover lunch plate.
Okay, here we go. (By the time the picture was uploaded, there was nothing left on the plate but a few smears!)

Breakfast this morning.

That's pears and cantaloup stirred with some orange juice concentrate, and sprinkled with (yet more) sunflower seeds. That was H's breakfast, along with some herbed whole wheat biscuits made with olive oil. The bowl of berries is my hot cereal before becoming hot. There was steam rolling off the frozen berries that I was trying to catch, but I love the light in these photos anyway.

Dining chez nous! :)


  1. Fabulous food stylings, dahling! The assembled lasagne looks like there are rows of Casper The Ghost figures holding hands and dancing across the pasta sauce! And I LOVE the shot of Meepy - all smeared like in a movie dream sequence - LOL! What's the "cheese" sauce really made of?

  2. Cheesy goodness was achieved by processing sunflower seeds, tofu, soymilk, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, horseradish mustard and Bragg's Amino Acids (like soy sauce), maybe some other stuff, too. Let's see if this posts, this time! My comments keep disappearing!!


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