Sunday, December 15, 2013


11" x 14", Acrylic on Canvas
copyright 2014 Xan Blackburn

Truman ... I loved this big boy.  He was my first big greyhound crush who was not my own dog. 

I rarely get to meet the subjects of my artwork, but Truman and his family are friends I've visited with all up and down the west coast.  When he passed last year, it was a blow to everyone who loved him (which is the same group as everyone who ever met him).  Lori asked me to do his portrait, and I jumped at the chance to share this tribute with her.  But wow.  It was tough.  I was choked with emotion, the need to do him justice, and got stuck a lot along the way.  There are only a few progress pictures, because when I finally got going, I didn't stop to take pictures.

Truman - work in progress, stage 1
starting the under-painting

Truman - work in progress, stage 2
crawling forward on the underpainting

Truman - work in progress, stage 3
getting a handle, developing the underpainting

Truman - work in progress, stage 4
most of color is laid in, developing detail
If you look at them closely, you can see how I had to re-adjust his eye focus as I went along.  Other than that, everything went forward pretty much as planned from the start.  

I will miss gazing into those almond-colored eyes, as I know Lori is also missing her blue-brindle coyote hound ever-puppy.

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