Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shawn's Portrait: Love story

Acrylic on canvas, 9" x 12"
© Xan Blackburn 2013
Well, there you go.
I swear I took some progress pics along the way, but the changes were so subtle that it was hard to see, once I got going with the colors.  So, yeah.  That's that.  Done.

Oh, but I promised you a love story in the title, didn't I?  You're gonna love this.  Shawn's mom, Kelly, wrote to me after my last post.  She had to correct me on how long ago we first talked about a portrait for her.  This is what she wrote (shared here with her permission):
I still have our original emails and the very first one was in early March 2006.  That’s why everything slowed down so drastically, Shawn died unexpectedly during a surgery on March 23, 2006.  I couldn’t even leave my house for the first week.  Shawn was and still is my original heart hound.  I love him dearly and it is because of him that I am marrying my soul mate, his breeder and originally owner.  It was only fitting that he be the focus of this long awaited painting.  We will have it framed and hang it in a special place in our home as he is very special to both of us.  We always say that John gave me Shawn and Shawn gave me John. 
Life and love is a long and winding road, isn't it?

Love Hope Believe

Speaking of life and love, Hope for Hounds' raffle for the first 2013 collar, and a lovely print, raised $1975!!  Yeay people!!  And congrats to the two winners, Meri and Carol.  Look forward to seeing Meri's hound on both 2HoundsDesign's and Hope for Hounds' websites as the official 2013 HfH Collar Model Extraordinaire!

The collar will be available to order to the general public soon.  We'll be sure to let you know!

Meanwhile, if you simply must have some HfH merch, there are still collars and leashes using previous years' designs on 2HoundsDesign, and some great decals for your car, laptop or other flat surface to wear at Skinny Hound Design.

Who's up next?

Next up is a double-header.  (That's me, making baseball puns.  If you know me, it's even funnier!)  Lily and Joey, a couple youngsters, will be coming up to bat.

And ... I've run out of baseball stuff.  Maybe something about dug-outs, or chewing?  I dunno. I'm coming up empty!  Help a girl out!

Not sure this is the photo we'll use, but it does finish up this post quite nicely, doesn't it?

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