Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sign-ups are officially closed!

I'm sure I've got more than enough people signed up, and I'm raring to start!  Here's the list, in the order you signed up.  Lots of familiar names on there!  :D (edited on 12/2 - those in italics are completed)

  1. Jamie Esquivel
  2. Laura Mahoney 
  3. Christine DeClerk
  4. Craig Bucher
  5. Leslie Glynn
  6. Tricia Goode
  7. Susan Lawrence
  8. Stefani SearlesF
  9. Kris Whitters
  10. Kate Howell
  11. Joan Nussberger
  12. Jennifer Bowman
  13. Anne Myles
  14. Jan Buckwalter
  15. Rebecca Rohrbeck
  16. Tena Keefe
  17. Liza Lopez Ortiz
  18. Petra Postma
  19. Robin Waldman
  20. Darlene Young

My procedure is to contact the first and second person, get the reference photos, and get the payment stuff out of the way, then start painting.  When I start the second painting, I'll contact the third person, so I'm always one ahead.  That way, if someone has to cancel, or I can't get through to someone, there's less hold-up, as I move on to contact the next person while I'm still painting.  

So, Jamie and Christine, I'll be contacting you shortly!

Meanwhile, back to Daddy and Lilly!

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