Thursday, November 29, 2012

Portrait Marathon: #4 Wali

Acrylic on panel (Claybord), 8 x 10
© Xan Blackburn
Whew!  Wali's portrait, on 8 x 10 panel, took me a little longer than the smaller 5 x 5 canvasses, but I could have been more efficient, I think.  Also, working on the very smooth panel requires a different touch, as it shows watery brush strokes in a that isn't always desirable to me.  I thought I would get around that by starting with a coat of gesso and paint, but alas, still took a bit of getting used to again.

Ah well.  He's done, and I really like the vibrant background setting him off, with that intelligent and friendly stare!

For my progress developing the painting, see the animation below.

Tomorrow, I have another larger painting, this one of a senior greyhound gal who is the Star of her home.

See you tomorrow!

Wali in progress
© Xan Blackburn

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