Friday, April 06, 2012

Okay, Petey instead!

Jean has decided she'd prefer to have her dog Petey's portrait done, so the large painting of Niccolo and MaeBella will go back on the shelf.  We're still negotiating the PERFECT choice for reference, so in the mean time, I'm working on my website, which is due for a major overhaul.

Yeah, it looks okay, but it's apparently invisible to search engines.  Or, my art is, more to the point.  Not so good!  So, since I'm not a programming whiz, it's back to my wysiwyg web editor, Kompozer.  After searching for days for a free image gallery that I thought I both liked and could figure out, I gave up, so now I'll be spending days making individual pages linked to each thumbnail, and to each other, so that I can have what will approximate a slideshow effect.

My new website banner.  Actually, I changed it a little
after this version.  
I had fun designing the new banner, and the background look.  I hope it's not too busy, but at least that part is easy to change if I decide to later.  Relatively!

How often do you re-vamp your website, or blog, if you have one?  I seem to do it about every year and a half or two years.

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