Thursday, December 08, 2011

FPM: Faye Oops Portrait Completed!

Faye Oops portrait catching some side-light
© Xan Blackburn 2011
Fall Portrait Marathon, Painting #5: Faye Oops

Faye Oops left her family broken-hearted last week.  While her passing was gentle, with her loved ones present, it is never easy to lose the ones we love.

Even though so much of my work is to give a lasting memory of a pet who has already moved on, it still gets to me.  I got stalled out very close to finishing, finding it hard to give the portrait the right feel of quiet contentment, rather than mourning.

While I stepped back to catch my breath, I received a surprise foster, who has proceeded to distract me entirely for a few days.  A young borzoi rescued from S. Korea last summer, Coco is timidly making progress with us and our two greyhounds.  You can read more about her here.

I got back to my painting yesterday afternoon, getting it right up to the finish line, then gave it those final touches this morning.

Faye Oops, work in progress
© Xan Blackburn 2011
I'd taken the painting quite a ways since my last post.
Faye Oops where we left off last post
© Xan Blackburn 2011

Here's where I picked up the thread yesterday (the larger image on the right).  Lots of additional darks, and more color in the cushions and on her collar.  We're nearly there.  But, you can see that her muzzle above her dark nose leather is too dark, making her muzzle look short, and what's with the blue under her chin?  Details, details!

Taking my finest brush (I need a new small brush!  :P ), I pursued the tiny hairs and minor details that all add up to the final product.  I'm just going to rush up to the finish line here, so I can get Miss Faye Oops into the spotlight, then into the mail, and me on to the next person in line!  So, without further ado, here she is, Miss FPM #5 herself, the lovely, the Mona Lisa of greyhounds, the much-loved Faye Oops!
Faye Oops
5" x 5" acrylic on deep-sided canvas
© Xan Blackburn 2011

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