Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mystery Portrait continues ...

(This is a continuation of the painting begun in this post.)

Subtle, eh?

I kind of like how this looks.  This is the drawing transferred to the panel by drawing over it and letting the dark red-brown Conte crayon I scribbled all over the back side transfer onto the gessoed panel.  Then I gessoed over it, using the same mix of gesso and Naples yellow, to keep the pastel from smearing and mixing with my paint later.  You can see it mixed with the gesso, which I kind of like.  The drawing is still visible enough to guide me as I paint, which is the idea, but there's some tone already building up from the Naples and the pastel working together.

Next step will be to start layering in the shadows.  Now that the gesso is dry, I can begin that step.

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