Saturday, July 30, 2011

Announcement! How to commission Xan's Art

Dogs adding biothermal energy to
the working environment

I'm working out a new way to schedule my workflow, to keep it manageable.  (Thanks to some great advice from friend Penny and others, by the way!)

I'll keep only 3 jobs on my books at a time: one working, and 2 on a waiting list.  As each is completed, that opens up a new spot on the list.

{edited to change Alert List link!} When a spot opens up, I'll announce it to a Commission Alert email list you can subscribe to specifically for this (you'll also be given the choice to sign up for my occasional Newsletter).  The first person to email a response to the alert gets the new spot.

A 30% deposit secures a spot on the list.  When I start work on your piece, another 30% is due, followed by the balance plus shipping upon completion.  That makes it easier to budget, and the built-in delay gives you some time to save up, get your photo references ready, and really pin down what you want, so we can hit the ground running.  

I have two commissions on the table right now, and a family member who's been waiting so long he may have forgotten about the whole thing!  Once I hear back from him, I'll know if I can open up that third position now or later.  

Many of you have expressed an interest in a commission.  If you'd like to know when a position opens up, I suggest getting on the Alert List.  

I'll keep this policy info in the sidebar, in the Purchase page (see the tab above), and put it on my website as well.  

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