Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Portrait Marathon: Nikki is done!

Nikki's portrait is finished!  
Lisa's Nikki (aka Ms Hotlips)

Between the last update and this one, I concentrated on building up layers of detail, deepening the shadow areas with color, and basically making all the color zones complicated as in real life.  The scans make the background colors look very different, and have washed out some of the most subtle tones, but this is the best version of it I could tweak out with the help of Photoshop.

Even though I had distractions taking me away from painting, I was always ready and happy to get back to her, and gaze into her captivating face.  I'll miss her perky look and softly grayed face.  Lisa tells me she's quite the kisser: She can kiss me any time!  

We have one more in this series, which I've already begun some prep work on.  More about Strider in my next post!

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