Monday, May 23, 2011

While I'm working on Nikki, This Important Message

A terrible rainstorm has flooded out and destroyed a galgo rescue shelter in Spain.  There's an auction taking place today to help raise the emergency funds needed to save the 100 remaining dogs (some have died), and get them the basics of survival; food, shelter, medicines.

So far in the auction, there is a wonderful photograph by Petra, and I've also donated a couple collections of items; 7 books, all hound-related, and a Stroke of Green collection including 2 sets of cards, and a hand-made blank book.

For more information, please see Petra's post here, and the auction page here.  (Corrected link!)  The auction will be held via comments made to the blog post.

You can also donate directly by PayPal to this address:

Thanks for looking and helping if you can!

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