Friday, May 13, 2011

portrait Marathon: Dorie develops

Sorry about the slow progress in this marathon!  Other work keeps getting in there, needing to be done.  But, the marathon goes on!  For those of you keeping track, we are on Number 7, of a proposed 10 painting series, to benefit The Grey Muzzle Organization, in honor of my dear departed greyhound, Happy.   This is Dorie, a greyhound herself, and apparently a fan of pirate culture, in the adjusted image I'm using for reference.

This is where I started this morning.  As you can see, I've got the bright yellow-orange that will heat up the background in, and just a beginning on the shading, the underpainting that gives the shape to the layers above.  You can just see the pale pencil drawing, which is about how well I can see it when I'm painting.

This is where I am now.
The underpainting is pretty much there.  There will be detail darks going in as the painting comes down to the finish line, but this is pretty much it.

Dorie, being a mostly white dog, is a challenge in that I have to keep the shading both minimal and significant.  White reflects even minimal light, which has to show in the painting, which makes for subtle shadows.  The dark skin under her coat, that shows through in places around her eyes and nose between hairs that thin or change direction, are opportunities to get in and do some detailing.

Here's a little closer look at her eye area, as it stands right now.
You may have noticed I've removed her collar.  I do that sometimes!  I felt it was a distractingly blocky shape in this case, so *poof!*  Gone!  The magic of ART!

Now to start throwing some color at this baby!

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