Monday, April 04, 2011

Portrait Marathon: Hubble

Lookit this little guy!!  What a cutie, huh?

Hubble, I'm told, was always a gentleman, a true velcro dog, and the very apple of his human mom's eye.  He came to his final family with "age unknown", zipped to their hearts, and stayed there, even after his passing a couple years later.  I hope I can do him justice!

I've played with the background here, and enhanced Hubble's natural coloring a bit (mostly so I can see it when I print it out for reference!)  Faith asked me to make the background colors autumnal to reflect the season he passed in.  I tried lighter colors, but he's so light, it didn't give enough contrast, so darker and darker it went 'til we end up with these wine-dark maple leaf colors.  I like how they complement his own almost purpley skin tones, and the warmer rusty tones around his eyes and ears.

Oh man.  I can see I'm in danger of falling in love with this elfin face, with his adoring gaze (little tongue showing and all!)

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