Monday, April 04, 2011

Portrait Marathon: Bailey stage 2

The weekend is over, and it's back to the fun/work of the Marathon!

Bailey is taking shape on her canvas.  This is a phase I always enjoy.  The underpainting, usually primarily in thalo blue, establishes the values, like a black and white photo, but giving a tone to the final painting, with the shadows moving into the cool range of the blues.  The next stage will be to start laying in the color, the warmer highlight areas, the pink in the ears and near the eyes, the many layers of gold to burnt umber in the eyes, etc., and the background colors.  She's a white dog, so the tones need to be subtle to stay believable.  Or, maye wild to be ... well, wild!  But, the dignified feel of this dog and of the reference photo have convinced me to keep that mood.

Back to it!

Edited to add this next level of detail, but still in the underpainting stage.

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