Saturday, November 13, 2010

Portrait Marathon update: Quilty is done

Had a rough day here, with a sick kitty, but enjoyed being able to lose myself in Quilty's bossy barking presence.  She seemed to be demanding, "ME!!  PAY ATTENTION!  TO ME!!"  

So, here's Quilty, in all her bossy splendor.

Heathers, I hope you enjoy the portrait!

I've got Saturday-ish things to do today, but I'll probably get started on Number 4, Nancy's Harry, sometime today.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. Hope your kitty will be ok?

    The portrait is great, I can't afford one right now, but enjoy seeing what you do. And maybe someday , in the future….

  2. Thanks, Petra. I hope my kitty will be okay, too. *sniff*

    (Hey, tell whoever normally gets you gifts to watch the blog for future marathons. They do make great gifts! ;) ;) )

  3. I hope the kitty is feeling better soon!

    That picture is priceless! I am well familiar with that bossy attitude, I'm afraid!

  4. Very bold painting full of personality! So glad the work is going well! Your old mom.


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