Monday, November 15, 2010

portrait Marathon update: Phoenix progress - The Blue Phase

I had to salvage a website that went down in flames today, which set me back.  But Phoenix rises from the ashes!  All cool blues (for the moment).
Looks like Delft, don't you think?

I really almost hate to go past this point, it's so pretty.  But, the final product should be worth it.  Maybe I'll do a whole series just in blues next time!  What do you think?  *sigh*  

*prolonged pause for moony gazing*

Okay.  I'll go ahead and wrap this up tomorrow.  To bed, now!


  1. All the "phases" are gorgeous pieces of art themselves! But then you see the final and WOW!
    Gotta love those needle-nosed greyt dogs :)
    Christine & Hamilton

  2. Phoenix is really the poster boy for needle noses, isn't he? I'm falling in love with him!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Whoops! Didn't mean to delete that!

    Anyway, do you want Phene? He's become the whine master of the world!
    I love him in blue. As you know blue is his colour :). Thank you!

  5. all he needs is a stylin' pair of pince nez readers about half-way down the needle =)

  6. There ya go, Xan! Phene in glasses! I like it!

  7. Blue Phene in pince-nez! LOL

    Do I want whining Mr. Phene? Erm, well, um ... H and I have decided we're in attrition mode with pets, at the moment. YOU understand! I'll just have to love him from afar. :D

  8. how does a website go down in flames? Anyway, glad for Phoenix rising! Beautiful in blue.

  9. Well, okay, that was poetic license! Or, a way of saying I was messing with it, and I almost burnt it up? Anyway, the salvaged and now shiny site is my eco-friendly card site, Stroke of Green ( If you're needing holiday cards, and this would be the season for that, my artwork+green printing = the solution! :)


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