Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Portrait Marathon Update: Celeste

Oh my goodness!  This one is a challenge!  A stripy dog lying in stripy sunlight.  *sigh*  I always say I should charge twice for brindles!  (But I don't!)
Look at this lovely photo:
Here's my sketch to work out an even more dramatic lighting (going back to my comic book coloring roots, here!) 
And here's where we're at so far. 
Well, gotta get back to it!  Wish  me luck.  


  1. Hey Xan, It's so fun to follow the marathon on your blog, seeing the intermediate steps you take (amazing! I had NO idea!) I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, knowing that soon, you'll be doing my boy's portrait!
    Christine & Hamilton (stripy-pants)
    Yes, another brindle--Gotta love it :)))

  2. Heh! You should have seen the phases this one has gone through! I couldn't bear to take pics along the way. But, it's coming out really well, thank goodness. Layers. The secret is layers! ;)

  3. i love the sketch--why is the "where we're at so far" so much different (and sort of misty)?

  4. That progress pic ("where we're at so far") is just the first watery underpainting, laying down a sort of tone for the painting, picking out a few details to get started. Layers and layers later, the painting takes on the intensity it should have. I'll show you more shortly. I'm almost done with Celeste.


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