Monday, November 29, 2010

Portrait Marathon: TIGER progress 1

Tiger as of tonight.

I didn't get as far as I'd have liked.  (Am I really going to catch a cold?  Bleh.)  But, just to be different, I started with the eyes this time.  It kind of weirds me out!  These eyes, floating in a hazy scribble, then in this glowing fog ....  Well, it's interesting, anyway!

I also started laying in some basic colors before shadows, which is another departure.  Art is an adventure.  I never know where it's going to take me!

You will probably have noticed the blue on top of his nose.  It'll work.  I promise!  It's reflecting the sky, which also shows in his eyes, and will show up elsewhere, as well.

Washing in the colors sort of erased a lot of my sketch, which makes my painting job just a little more work.  Ah well.

Don't you love the precise little frills he has on his lips?  They don't all have such perfect little frills, y'know!  Tiger is guy enough to wear lace right in his mouth, and smile every day!  :D


  1. His eyes look like twin tornados! I think it's going to be great when you get it finished! :)

  2. The process is so intriguing! I thought, blue nose, hmmmm.... but now I get it and it's very cool how it all works. Your attention to detail is what makes it so great too, like those lacy lips :))
    Christine & Hamilton


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