Thursday, September 23, 2010

They're here!

The cards have arrived, the envelopes actually came in the same delivery (yeay!), and my mom (visiting from Rwanda, where she lives and works) showed up just a few hours later.  Whew!

The cards look great.  The stock is nice and heavy, the printing is all I could hope. 

Mom and I sat down at the kitchen table, and assembled orders last night, and now I have two towers of priority boxes awaiting shipping labels. 

The biodegradable cellophane bags I ordered to package them in arrived several days ago.  I was bummed to see that they were too small (I knew it would be close when I ordered them).  I've had to send them back and order larger, but in the mean time, what to do for these orders?? 

Plan B!  The paper I intended to print the bag flaps on, to staple onto the cello bags, I instead printed in strips to make belly-bands to wrap around the 5- and 10-packs of cards.  Voila!  Less packaging = more green!  :D  I even used the packing paper that came with the cards and envelopes to pad the cards in their priority boxes.  Re-using = more green!

Now, my printer is almost out of ink, and I need to print shipping labels.  :P  Off to the shops!
The orders go out TODAY!

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