Friday, April 09, 2010

Head-on Collision


Today is such a pretty day!  H was out on the mower, sweetening the air with the perfume of cut grass, dandelions are glowing against the fresh green, the sky is powder blue trimmed with a variety of clouds, but only around the edges.  I was in the dog yard with the boy dogs.  Pogo was racing up and down the fence barking like a maniac at H on the mower, while Brilly stayed judiciously out of the way.  I bent over to pick some dandelions for my little flower eater, Wabi (yes, my dog eats flowers!)  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Pogo racing back towards me. 

Suddenly CRACK!  "YIPE!" 

My dandelions dropped to the ground and I slapped my hand to my head, and literally felt my skin starting to swell under my palm!  Pogo had run his head right into my forehead, at, oh, let's see, over 30 miles per hour, anyway!  Luckily he just grazed me, or we'd both be in intensive care!  :P  I now have a puffy blob with a purply red middle blooming just to the right of center, and a bit of swelling scrape to the left.  Gee, will I get a nice shiner from this?  That's always a good look!

Pogo, by the way, is fine.  After the yipe, he went right back to chasing H.  I called him over and looked at him through bleary eyes, but he seemed fine.  Knucklehead! 

No.  No pictures.  I took some, but you don't get to see them.  I never realized just *how* asymmetrical my face is!  *rolling eyes*


  1. Oh ouch!

    My mom took a collision with my grandmother's dog a few years ago with her knee. The knee didn't make it and she drove home with her leg taped up in a box. I guess it could always be worse!

  2. LOL! What?? I'm picturing her sitting in a car, a big box like a florist's box on her lap, packing tape all over it, staring out the window in a bit of a snit, thinking about having to get a new leg. Please tell me that's NOT right!!

  3. My mother had a similar incident, too. We had a huge black Weimaraner mix who would gallop towards her at top speed. She always hid behind a tree when she saw Topper heading her way, and my father thought it was hilarious. He claimed the dog had enough sense to swerve at the last minute, so my mom was being a silly. So the next time she saw the dog barreling towards her, she stood her ground (probably with her eyes closed and teeth clenched...)

    Being run over by a horse-sized dog must have really hurt. I've always assumed since that episode that dogs think humans have enough sense to get out of the way, so they don't need to bother changing course. But of course, if you don't see them coming, how could you?

    Be sure to keep some ice on that eye - that's got to smart.

  4. But one more question for you - why can't Wabi pick his own flowers?

  5. Hi, Jonni!
    Your poor mom! Yikes!
    Pogo and I have a trick where he has to run tight circles around me until I release him. I used to sort of *bend* out of the way when he charged at me to begin, 'til I decided he needed to learn not to run into me, rather than the other way around. I think he still needs some work on that! :P

    Oh, and *Miss* Wabi can (and, boy, does she!) pick and eat her own flowers, but she just happened to be lazing indoors at that time, so I thought I'd bring her a treat.

  6. omigosh! I'm glad it wasn't worse, and hope the shiner will be diminished soon--in time for you trip! I love these posts, and have subscribed to get them in email, which is fun. YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER! How about considering a book? I believe you'd have a lot to offer--especially if it's illustrated, sort like you're doing in this artist-oriented blog. (Glad I found the comment box!)

  7. Yikes, that hurts.
    Done the knee thing myself, but head on, ewwwww.
    Hope you don't feel to bad.

  8. Thanks for the well-wishes, folks! I feel better already.

    Thanks for the huge compliment, Mom (yes, she's my mom, but that doesn't mean she's prejudiced!)


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