Friday, May 08, 2009

Food, more food, some food, a walk, and farewell!

Mmm! Brown food! Mmm!
Black bean chipotle burger, roasted fingerling, blue and sweet potatoes with mesquite chili seasoning, and mustard greens stir-fried with salsa! Fill my mouth with goodness!! Yum!

Let's walk, now, while we're being so healthy and all! :D
Railroad trail is all leafing out, bright green, lined with dandelions. Very nice walk!

What do you think, Pogo? You ready to turn around and head back to the car?


Okay, enough exercise! Let's eat again! H getting just about the last bite of a hummus appetizer at the Wrap and Roll Israeli joint.

We got take out, so you don't actually get to see any food! Ha ha!

Okay, don't be mad! I'll show you some food pictures!!
H had to fly out to Montana again, so I drove him down to Seattle. I never do this, 'cause I'm a scaredy cat about driving in the Big City, but I may change my mind about that! Peter told us about a vegan Thai place right off the freeway in the U district, so we planned to stop for dinner before the airport. Ooo. Happy me! A WHOLE menu to choose from!! I was gobsmacked.
Waiting ...

Thai iced tea made with coconut milk is to DIE for. I had ginger tea, which they served in a ... uh ... what do you call it ... push pot.

We had Yum Woon Sen, which is a light salad of clear rice noodles, lightly citrusy and spicy dressing, with veggies, peanuts and (in this case) tofu.

Rad Na is a noodles and veg dish, with wide, thick, rice noodles, a rich brown "gravy" (that was pretty syrupy for my taste). I liked the serving dish! Very colorful.

The "brown rice" was maybe a mix of rices. It was very tasty with the final dish ...

This is died-and-gone-to-heaven good. Imagine. Avocado and green curry. It was a real melt in your mouth experience, with large chunks of silky tofu, and sudden occurrences of thai basil. I will learn to make this. I will.

Then it was off to Seattle Airport for bye bye.
A city by a bay.

It had been monsoon pouring 'til right before this.

The hanging gardens - my favorite bit.

The weary world traveller, setting off.

Bye bye, Honeyman!

That was Monday or Tuesday. He's coming home this evening! Yeay!

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