Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Domestic bliss

In which we explore the joys of the homestead.

Pogo is a very cuddly boy. He likes to come set his head on your arm, and nestle into you for a good hug. He can make working on the computer a bit ... slow going, but how can you resist this face??

The dandelions have begun to shine like little suns in the new green grass!

I've picked this bunch for my baby, Wabi, who's relaxing in the house. Let's go give them to her.

Oh yum!!

And, what's this? It seems Happy wants in on this action, too!

(Though I think she felt a little tricked by Wabi's enthusiasm, since she mostly gummed them then spit them out!)

H got some painting time in last weekend. I can't wait for this to be done!
The artist at work.

The artist in the way of the photojournalist.

The art itself. Well, a fuzzy representation, anyway!

Finally, a moment of coconut hysteria, for no discernible reason.


  1. Okay, the art is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished - in person :) The coconut is hilarious - Did you guys do that?

  2. The coconut has been hanging around getting giggles for about 2 years, but H just got on it with the sharpie marker the other day. :)


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