Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I totally do NOT know what days these are from!

Some day, it snowed. The snow is mostly gone now. It took a few days. These must be from a few days ago! :P Anyone got any memory to share with the poor-of-memory????? Sheesh!

Snowing again, DagNabbit!

I think this was from the next day, which was cruelly sunny (so bright!!), but still c-c-c-c-C-OLD!
But this was cool! The neighbor's new muscovy ducks came over, apparently (their second visit), dragging their waddly bodies through the snow. They left little clumps of snow on the surface that the wind blew along, leaving these incredibly delicate tracks, as if an entourage of mice ran along beside the ducks.

Guess who! Looking zen-like against a sapphire sky!

Pogo is more engaged in the moment, but no less beautiful in his very own way.

A snip of Happy's head observing the frozen pond, with the solar bubbler at work.

Happy checking out the story of the other critters who live here.

The pond trails off in a zig zag in the snow.

The barn, yes, but if you look veeeerrryyyy closely, you can just see Mama Silvertoes the feral kitty just to the right of the little cat cut-out door. See her?

No? Well, here's a slightly better look, as she walks the border of the shadow outside my studio window.

That seems to be all the pictures I've taken lately! Sorry for the big gap. Now, let's see some action on those other blogs, ladies!

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